Jeroen Migchels

Construction Manager

Jeroen Migchels: A seasoned leader in Conbit's Construction division, with an extensive background in the oil and gas sector. Spearheading offshore lifting projects since '97, he adeptly oversees construction operations, warehouse management, on-site teams, and equipment. Globally renowned for sharing field expertise, cultivating client relationships, and delivering excellence across diverse international landscapes.

Jeroen Migchels boasts an unparalleled expertise within Conbit's Construction realm, with a remarkable focus on various intricate aspects of the oil and gas industry. His proficiency extends to niche areas such as flare tip handling, orchestrating complex lifts beyond the confines of traditional cranes, and the meticulous utilization of rope access techniques. Jeroen serves as a remarkable representative of Conbit at EKH, the esteemed Dutch Lifting and Hoisting Institute, illustrating his dedication to industry advancement and best practices.

His commitment to uncompromising quality is evident in every facet of his work, whether it's the pristine organization of the warehouse or the meticulous arrangement of equipment containers. Jeroen's visionary perspective extends beyond the immediate project scope, encompassing the intricacies of international logistics to ensure seamless operations across global frontiers.

Jeroen's impressive journey has been marked by years of hands-on field experience, encompassing roles ranging from a dedicated technician to an accomplished team leader and technical manager. This multifaceted background has endowed him with an innate understanding of the intricacies that define successful projects. His invaluable insights garnered from real-world scenarios enable him to navigate challenges with finesse, while his ability to share these experiences with clients worldwide solidifies his reputation as a true industry luminary.

Jeroen Migchels embodies safety on offshore sites, fostering a vibrant team spirit for enjoyable and secure operations. Trusted for his commitment, he thrives on global travel and finds solace in gym workouts, harmonizing with music festivals. Amidst his passions, family remains his cornerstone, balancing a rich and fulfilling life.

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