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High Tech
Precision assembly and production capacity in Arnhem available for the Brainport area, Eindhoven.

Conbit High Tech and DKAT merge for a sustainable future

We are happy to share the news of therecent merger between Conbit High Tech and DKAT.

On December 20th 2022, Conbit HighTech completed the acquisition of De Koningh Advanced Technology (DKAT). Together,Conbit High Tech and DKAT will serve clients in the medical, instrumentation,semiconductor and other high tech industries with a broader range of services. DKAT’sexpertise in assembly and production of high tech mechatronic instruments,components and systems will add to the strong engineering capabilities ofConbit’s team of engineers. This extension of services will be of benefit toour current and future clients.

Team of DKAT and Conbit sign agreement to transfer shares into the Conbit Group.

Jacco Wanten, Conbit’s High Tech Directorexplains: “With investing in production and assembly capacity, Conbit High Techshows its eagerness to grow as a supplier to the High Tech industry in theEindhoven area.  Our ambition is notstopping at becoming a solid supplier to the semiconductor industry. We aim todiversify into other High Tech industries. The acquisition of DKAT will acceleratethis process.”

Currently, DKAT is supplying to OEM’s in allkind of market segments with focus on semiconductor industry, laboratories, andmedical devices manufacturers. Both DKAT and Conbit High Tech are motivated tokeep improving the relationship with these current clients. We expect to servethe current clients of DKAT better with a broader range of services, such asin-house engineering support and project management.

Conbit will support investments in DKAT. Itis currently investigating the possibilities to renew the production facilityof DKAT. The options at the current facility are studied as well as alternativeneighboring facilities are evaluated. By improving the facilities, the workingconditions will be improved and the production capacity will be increased formachining and cleanroom assembly.

Marc Plomp, General Manager DKAT says that“with the merger with Conbit High Tech, we feel we embarked a bright sustainablefuture for both our employees, as well as our clients.” He specificallymentions the DKAT employees as the most valuable asset of the company. “I amproud and pleased that Conbit showed its commitment to nurture DKAT’s workforceas their own.”

About Conbit

Conbit will celebrate its 30 yearanniversary next year. What started as a structural engineering company, grewinto a turnkey lifting contractor. From 2017 untilrecently, Conbit has been part of Mammoet (subsidiary of SHV). In this period,Conbit started its High Tech business unit serving a big client in thesemiconductor industry. Conbit high Tech is determined to become a full scalesupplier of lifting ,handling and transporting systems to the semiconductor andother high tech industries. The acquisition of DKAT fits will within this strategy.

About DKAT

DKAT is founded in 1902 by Gerrit deKoningh as atelier for geodetic instruments with attention to innovation andimprovement of instruments. The first 60 years it operated mainly as such, around2010 the focus shifted towards fine mechanical and mechatronics. DKAT ’s highlyskilled workforce serves customers with development, production, assembly andtesting. From single (spare) part to complete systems, with focus on high-techsolutions. Current clients include: Raith, Van Essen Instruments,Pentair-Haffmans, Fresenius Kabi, Van Putten Instruments, and other high techcompanies.

DKAT employs around 20 people at theirfacility in Arnhem, the Netherlands.

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Jacco Wanten

Director Conbit High Tech


Conbit B.V.

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Jacco Wanten

Jacco Wanten

Director Conbit High Tech